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Group of ICU Nurses That Treats Sickest Patients Reinforces Their Bond With Tattoos – NBC Los Angeles

A everlasting bond has developed amongst a gaggle of nurses working in a COVID-19 intensive care unit. A bond they are saying shall be with them eternally in ink.

It’s a army image, the tip of a spear, however this one is adopted by a coronary heart.

“I have the largest one in the bunch,” nurse Tiffany Hughes stated.

The tattoo is now on ankles, arms and wrists, marking these medical warriors for a motive. 

“We’re the first to the front line to attack an enemy, to combat the enemy and to me that really explains why I chose nursing,” Christina Anderson stated.

The nurses have dubbed their COVID-19 unit at Mission Hospital the “I” ICU. Each nurse volunteered to be right here and every says what has advanced over the past months was surprising… cohesion among the many chaos. 

“Some of us are falling apart and crying in the middle of a shift but that’s what makes this bond between us so great,” stated Hughes.

In a day shift of 16 hours, they’ve seen what they name the sickest sufferers of their careers, and they’re remoted away from the remaining of the hospital for security.

“We rely on each other, we all have bad days, we all understand what we’re going through. That’s why our bond is so close,” stated Debbie Wooters.

They all discuss having to maintain their households at bay and holding a sufferers fingers, so they don’t die alone and about by no means giving up.

“It’s for our patients,” Hughes stated.

Someday the COVID-19 unit will disband, however they are going to all the time have this.

“This tattoo represents not only our commitment to each other but to our families and patients saying we’re going to fight through to see an end to this,” she added.

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