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Sunrise, FLA. (WSVN) – A woman’s room had a break-in during the cold, but the perpetrator was not a crook.

She quickly finds out that she was working with a very large iguana invader in her house!

“Tell me you live in Florida without telling me you live in Florida. I’ll go first,” Katie Kelly began to say in her Tickcock video.

Kelly shares her surprise encounter with Tijuana on her Tuclock inside her South Florida home.

She said with three dogs, it is not uncommon to come home to an open sliding glass door, so she thought there was nothing out of it.

“I came home, and my back door was open, I had a sliding glass door, and I felt that the dogs opened the door just because it would open if they opened it, and I thought nothing of it. “Kelly said. “I closed the door and sat down to watch TV, and I heard this noise coming from another room that had not stopped yet.”

But then things got a little weird.

“We this. Like, what went here? Then we see here, because we hear a noise, and we see it. Everything has been knocked out, and I am watching, ”Kelly said.

The culprit came out behind the noise and the dirt was a 4 foot bright green iguana. The animal hid behind the dresser in its room, in the middle of the wall.

Kelly said he immediately called his father and told him it was an emergency. He was required to come home and take the iguana out, so when his father arrived there, he grabbed some gloves and removed the unwanted house guest.

Pesky reptiles will not go without a fight.

Kelly said, “They just got a pair of gloves and took the bureau back and just grabbed his body and brought it out, but it was fighting.” “He had to go slow. He first tried to catch it, and grabbed the iguana like a bureau, and its nails were caught. “

The video has since gone viral on Tickcock.

Kelly thought that only her friends and family would see it, but it has received nearly 2 million views so far.

“Just crazy that it’s blown up like this,” Kelly said. “Two million people have seen the story of this iguana happening in my house. Yes, I certainly did not expect this at all. I put it on thinking that no one was really going to see it, and then, my best friend called me, and she was like ‘Do you see what’s happening right now?’ And when it was at 200,000 views, which I thought was crazy, and now we’re at 2 million. “

Kelly said she often sees the iguana in the canal behind her house, but they never visit her house because they usually make it to the yard before they are intimidated by dogs.

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