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Video Shows Driver Spitting on Cyclist in New NYC Bike Lane – NBC New York

A New York City bicyclist says a driver spat on her after he practically hitting her whereas she was using a newly painted bike lane.

The driver’s spit was captured on digital camera because it flew and landed on Kara McCurdy, who says she was driving her bike down the brand new lane on Crescent Street in Astoria, Queens on Wednesday. The video exhibits the motive force inside a white BMW sedan pulling out of the bike lane earlier than he spat on McCurdy.

It seems no different phrases have been exchanged between McCurdy and the motive force. She might be heard on the video saying, “I’m standing on my new nice green bike path and this guy just tried to hit me, say hi.”

“Because this is like in a middle of a pandemic, it’s always disgusting to be spat on, but then you have to think about the health and safety side of it,” McCurdy tells NBC New York. “Great, now I’m home and I can’t bring my bike inside. I have to wipe it down and clean it. The minute I get inside, I have to take a shower.”

She says the spit landed on her physique however she wasn’t injured.


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