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Charter school student becomes leader through charity project | Kids Who Make SA Great

Maddox Thompson’s group service project at school helped our troops, and adjusted his perspective.

SAN ANTONIO — Senior year at San Antonio’s School of Science and Technology (SST) is almost underneath management for Maddox Thompson. He has a barely intensive listing. It consists of sustaining his teachers, graduating, entering into the United States Air Force and leaving a legacy program behind for different college students.

“Right now, I’m on the news, and I love it,” he mentioned. “I never thought I’d get this far.”

The 17-year-old received nominated for the Eyewitness News Original sequence Kids Who Make San Antonio Great as a result of everybody regards him as an excellent leader.

“A very charismatic, energetic leader,” Valerie Neal mentioned.

Neal is a counselor for SST. She mentioned the constitution school provides a sturdy science, know-how, engineering and arithmetic program. It can be a system that encourages character.

Students like Maddox should full a group service project earlier than graduating.

“Each student should have a minimum of 100 community service hours,” Neal mentioned. “And many of our students go beyond that.”  

Maddox is a type of college students. He mentioned he’d received round 200 hours logged.

“You don’t have to give, but it feels great when you do,” he mentioned.

According to the senior, his household steered he choose Soldier’s Angels as a project. He might do their “Treats for Troops.” But, he did not precisely leap on the likelihood to place within the time his freshman year.

“I was like, ‘What a bother,'” he mentioned. “‘They’re making me do this big thing.'”

Maddox’s navy lineage lent DNA to the trigger. His great-grandfather, Forrest Thompson, was an Air Force pilot throughout WWII. Grandfather Ted Thomspon was an Air Force pilot too. His uncle, Jay Dunn, was on the seashores of Normandy.

Once Maddox received began, he realized benevolence wasn’t so dangerous.

“It surprised me how much people actually care,” he mentioned. “At first I thought, you know, I’m not really going to get much. I might get a bag of stuff, and, you know, that’ll be it.”

Maddox took in $1,000 in treats plus personal hygiene objects, stationery and extra in year one at his school.

In the second year, the entire SST faculties in San Antonio collected $1,000 and artwork to honor veterans.

Last year, 12 faculties within the SST system, together with Houston and Corpus Christi, gathered $750 in treats. The faculties additionally despatched 3,000 gratitude messages to the troops.

“And he noticed that you know what, I could do more than this,” Mayda Avila mentioned.

Avila is Maddox’s AP Literature instructor and a National Honors advisor. 

“We’re always looking for networking. Right?” she mentioned. “And what titles can I hold to make my resume look better or to look good for colleges for application.”

Maddox, she mentioned, is into the giving, however not the accolades. Even although he received acknowledged for his service with the United States Navy’s Sea Cadets. 

“Do I need the title? Do I need that recognition to do the things, to continue doing the things that I want to do?” he requested. 

Avila instructed him he didn’t want these recognitions or the titles to develop into efficient.

He has not shied away from the title of helper or leader. The senior is attempting to determine a group project membership to assist fellow college students receive their service hours to graduate.

“I want to do something good for everyone,” he mentioned. “I want to help people out. And honestly, it feels great doing it.”

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