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Inside the organizations working to encourage safe gun ownership in the Black community | Together We Rise

With about 60,000 members nationally, NAAGA’s focus is the change the relation between Black individuals and weapons by fellowship, training, and coaching.

SAN ANTONIO — Statistically African American are extra possible to be gun murder victims, however the variety of African American households that really personal weapons are low. 

Bernard Lawson is a licensed firearms teacher and David Mosley is the vice chairman of the native chapter of the National African American Gun Association. 

According to, African American households are half as possible as their white counterparts to have a gun in the dwelling. 

“I can remember grandparents having a gun in the house for just in case and saying hey don’t touch the gun. It was just something off limits,” Mosley stated.

With about 60,000 members nationally NAAGA’s focus is the change the relation between Black individuals and weapons by fellowship, training, and coaching.

Mosley says earlier than the coronavirus pandemic hit, they have been seeing a rise in membership, however with an increase in membership got here an increase in concern. 

“You can see it in the news where if you have a firearm arm in the car and you get pulled over there’s a fear for your life,” Mosley stated. 

A respectable concern Mosley says many Black individuals have earlier than buying a gun for the first time.  

Starting in September Texans can carry handguns legally and not using a license or coaching. 

“With this constitutional carry law, a person can carry concealed or out in the open on any type of holster,” Lawson stated. 

Lawson says any new gun proprietor can conquer a lot of their very own fears with the correct coaching on gun legal guidelines and security. 

“Sometimes we have to challenge our fears. Come and step into a class we will take care of you,” Lawson stated. 

With open carry legal guidelines altering each gents say the most secure wager for any African American wanting to train their 2nd modification proper is to simply get educated utilizing a gun no matter what’s required by legislation. 

“Do it the way it’s always been done. I think, especially for us, that will give us that extra protection or even that comfort to know we have that if pulled over or if there’s a question in mind,” Mosley stated. 

New gun homeowners on the lookout for primary marksmanship coaching can take courses with Bernard Lawson at Shoot Point Blank Range at 722 SW Loop 410. 

The native San Antonio National African American Gun Association chapter might be reached instantly through their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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