‘Laser focus’ needed on foster care, says Bexar County leader

Texas is experiencing a scarcity of 1,000 foster care beds. The area surrounding Bexar County alone is in want of 250.

SAN ANTONIO — There’s a scarcity of 1,000 foster care beds throughout Texas. That’s based on SJRC Texas.

In and round Bexar County, the variety of youngsters needing a house is anticipated to rise with faculty again in session.

KENS 5 is taking a better take a look at the issue and what’s being accomplished about it.

“The system obviously is broken within the State of Texas,” Bexar County Commissioner Trish DeBerry instructed her colleagues Tuesday following a yearly review by the Child Welfare Board. “There needs to be a laser focus on foster care.”

Right now, extra beds are needed to serve youngsters in want of a secure place. This scarcity exists not simply in our area, however throughout the state.

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In response, state leaders and organizations teamed up and created the Blue Ribbon Task Force. 

“We’re looking specifically at foster care, what’s called ‘step-down care,’ which is what essentially caused the crisis we’re currently in,” Marcie Treviño  Ripper, chair of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board, instructed county commissioners Tuesday. “High-needs kids didn’t have a sufficient place to go and they were going to regular homes or other regular residential centers, and it was disruptive to the entire system.”

Tara Roussett, the CEO of SJRC Texas and member of the Blue Ribbon Task Force, helps youngsters discover their without end households.

She says with faculty again in session, she expects the variety of youngsters in want of foster care to rise.

“The teachers, the community are really the first line of defense for noticing when things are going wrong in the life of a child,” she defined. “When (everything) was all closed down, there wasn’t as many reports because there just wasn’t the people with eyes on to make the reports.”

According to SJRC, the area is brief 250 foster care beds, affecting 28 counties. 

“The trauma these kids in foster care due to their abuse and neglect have experienced is just getting worse and worse every day,” mentioned Roussett.

These youngsters who skilled trauma want “step-down care.”

“Not a hospital setting but a step down, least restrictive (method) to wrap around these kids and give them the mental health services they need,” she added.

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To assist fill the gaps, SJRC plans to develop its community by working with different state organizations to put extra youngsters.

They are additionally providing specialised coaching to foster mother and father together with giving stipends to foster households to assist them earn a livable wage.

SJRC can be launching a foster care recruitment marketing campaign.

“It’s going to take us all to solve this crisis,” mentioned Roussett.

To be taught extra about how one can donate financially or by giving important gadgets, visit SJRC’s website. You may also be taught extra details about turning into a foster mother or father.


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