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Recovery trip to South Texas to take a bionic turn

After several months after a shotgun blast that changed his life, Eddie Luna is staying positive with his new outlook.

COMAL COUNTY, Texas – A gentle County deputy shot into the line of duty last year is still on the road to a lengthy recovery.

Deputy Eddy Luna lost nearly his entire right hand after being shot while serving a warrant. Several months later, the deputy resuscitates and is close to getting a new hand and a bionic arm.

“The way I see it,” he said, “I’m missing part of my right hand, but here I am.”

Luna said he was shot close range in August 2020.

“I took a straight shot and I fell,” he said. “I couldn’t get up because my right hand was almost broken.”

Investigators said Brian Scott Sharp shot the deputy with a firearm, leaving his forearm and right arm out.

“I remember my hand was sitting there,” Luna said. “And I picked it up – my hand – because I don’t want to lose it and leave it there.”

Luna and his partner – also his brother – were issuing an arrest warrant on Sharp. Luna calls her brother after the pills were fired because there was too much bleeding.

His brother would go on to save his life.

“He got his tournament and slapped it on my right hand,” Luna said. “He turned until the blood literally dripped.”

Luna was taken to San Antonio Hospital, where she underwent 13 surgeries. The doctors had to cut off his entire right arm. Now, several months later, the strength is returning – slowly.

A new bionic arm also works.

“Basically a helping hand,” he said. “You can shake hands, open doors, point things out and literally shake all your fingers.

The journey has been difficult. But with his bright positive spirit, this deputy is not slowing down.

“I came out and I’m here,” he said. “We are only waiting to get better ourselves.”

Luna hopes to return to work by the end of the year. A team is currently working on its prosthetic cell, which will later be attached to this bionic arm. This will require a lot of muscle and brain training.

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