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Saving dogs from becoming lab rats

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Ivanhoe News Wire)- Cosmetics, cleansing provides, child merchandise, mouthwash, deodorant, shampoo, medical gadgets, and drugs … the checklist goes on and on of on a regular basis gadgets you in all probability have in your own home proper now which might be examined on animals.

In reality, 115 million animals undergo by the hands of researchers and laboratories worldwide every year and it’s not simply mice and monkeys being poked and prodded. One lady is dedicating her life to rescuing hundreds of beagles uncared for and abused within the identify of analysis.

These crates are filled with beagles rescued from a lab in Spain. More than 40 others get their first style of freedom in California. Just like most of them, Echo was born for one cause: animal experimentation.

Product testing in her eyes precipitated her to go blind. Ellie was rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project when she was only a pet.

“She was scheduled to be euthanized because they were done with her,” Sasha Itzikman explains of her rescue, Ellie.


All of those dogs have been saved by Shannon Keith.“I asked a laboratory worker once, why beagles? And she said, ‘well, it’s because they’re so trusting and forgiving.’”

Keith now dedicates her life to saving beagles saying that, “at any given moment or at least 70,000 dogs in laboratories in the United States are being used for testing.”

Keith says the dogs aren’t solely born contained in the lab, however some shelters additionally promote their dogs to them. And though the checklist of animal-tested merchandise is massive and numerous, and the businesses well-known, the labs are sometimes hidden.

“This is what I call the industry’s dirty little secret…,” Keith states.

Whistleblowers are key find out what’s happening inside.

“Just before we started during this interview, I got a whistleblower letter,” Keith stated.“I’m writing about several puppies who nearly all died because of the conditions they were in.”

Keith will examine and file an animal cruelty lawsuit, however she says one of the best plan of action is to lift consciousness. That’s why she’s developed the free cruelty cutter app. A scan of the barcode reveals if the product is animal examined.


“They say everyone has a little activist in them, right?” Keith stated.

Many nationwide chains carry cruelty-free merchandise. These merchandise can be ordered on-line.

“I’m more connected than ever to and committed more than ever to leading a cruelty-free life to making sure that our house doesn’t have any products that are tested on animals,” Itzikman stated.

Keith will proceed combating for the beagles, and Echo will proceed to sing the praises of her and the Beagle Freedom Project.

Most labs aren’t overseen by veterinarians. There are vet techs who work on these animals, and so they’re not required to have any expertise.

Furthermore, most state anti-cruelty legal guidelines include express exemptions for animals utilized in experiments. The FDA has acknowledged that 92% of medication discovered protected and efficient in animals don’t even make it out of scientific trials as a result of they’re both ineffective or too dangerous in people.


You can be taught extra concerning the Beagle Freedom Project, donate, and learn how to develop into a foster mum or dad to a rescue at


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