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Here’s how your pet can donate blood and save a life

Each year, hundreds of pets’ lives are saved via blood transfusions.


The Veterinary Specialty Hospital is in search of wholesome canine and cats to hitch its blood donor program. Just like people, pets with traumatic accidents and some medical circumstances require blood transfusions. A single donation can save greater than only one life.  

“There is a lot of increase in ownership of pets during COVID so there’s a higher demand from several years ago and that translates into a lesser supply,” stated Veterinary Criticalist Saya Press.  

The demand for blood merchandise continues to extend and the one stage 1 trauma middle for animals in San Diego County is all the time welcoming new canine and feline blood donors into their program. 

In order to qualify to donate blood, all pets should be between the ages of 1 and seven, have an total good temperament, and be present on all vaccines. Dogs should be a wholesome weight of over 55 lbs. and obtain month-to-month flea, tick and heartworm prevention. Cats should reside indoors and weigh over 10 lbs. with month-to-month flea prevention.  

“We want friendly animals who are not too stressed at the vet,” stated Dr. Press. 

Before the donation, most canine are sedated, and a blood pattern is taken from their jugular vein into a assortment bag and then recognized for blood varieties. 

“We have positive and negative dogs. Cats we have type A and type B and type AB cats so we always give type-specific blood when possible,” stated Dr. Press  

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