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Hole in border fence repaired after deadly Imperial County crash

CALEXICO, Calif. — Construction crews obtained deep into the ditch on the very spot the place there was a gap in the border fence east of Calexico. Workers used measuring tape whereas closing the 10-foot broad hole that brokers say two SUV’s drove via early Tuesday morning.

El Centro Border Patrol says its surveillance reveals about 44 migrants moving into the U.S. via two separate SUV’s. One truck was a crimson Chevrolet Suburban carrying 19 individuals, which caught on hearth, and its passengers escaped and have been discovered hiding in the comb earlier than being taken into custody.

The burgundy Ford Expedition, full of 25 individuals, crashed right into a tractor-trailer in Holtville, killing 13 individuals.

“We have been able to identify 10 people of Mexican origin, who were deceased in the accident,” said Mario Beltran, consul for community affairs, Consulate of Mexico.

The Expedition’s 22-year-old driver is among the dead, and survivors of the crash are being treated at trauma centers in San Diego. The 68-year-old big-rig driver Joel Beltran is recovering in the hospital. Investigators say the SUV had 2 seats in the front – but all of the other seats were removed in the back – to cram more people inside.

“Some of the victims have been ejected from the car, there have been some strolling wounded that pulled themselves out of the car,” mentioned Omar Watson, CHP Border Division Chief .

The gap on the border has been totally repaired with reinforcements as investigators dig into the harmful smuggling try.

Our border no stranger to breaches. Just 10 days prior in Otay Mesa, border brokers arrested 14 undocumented migrants they are saying have been smuggled into the U.S. via a gap in the border wall there earlier than moving into six separate autos

Immigrant rights advocates are too following the case carefully. Alliance San Diego launched a statement saying “the tragic loss of precious life is a regular occurrence in the southern border region, often instigated by Border Patrol high-speed chases.”

But El Centro Border Patrol brokers have been adamant in saying the SUV was not being chased by border patrol.

“There were no other agencies or no other law enforcement personnel behind the vehicle,” Watson said.

The Mexican Consulate is contacting the families of the deceased.

“Some of the households are in Mexico. Some of them are in the United States, and we are going to assist them in fact with the method of the switch of stays,” Beltran mentioned.

The NTSB is constant its investigation into the deadly wreck.

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