San Diego

San Diego Forecast – April 13, 2021

A strong onshore current has left us mostly cloudy today. We cannot rule tonight with light rain patchy rainy rain because the temples remain calm.

Western winds strengthened on Tuesday in response to the storm system over Nevada. Winds will continue in the desert from Wednesday morning. a Wind advisor Is released for this area of ​​San Diego County.

The oceanic crust was also deepened by strong onshore flows. It was west of the mountains, which was a bad day. While most areas remained dry, there were reports of average rainfall for some cities with the highest amount west of the Laguna Mountains.

As an upper low lining for another day, Wednesday will be mostly cloudy, with another chance for light rain on Wednesday morning.

The primary danger during your morning walk will be slippery roads. Please allow yourself a little extra time and remember to use your headlights and not threats / flashers.

Temperatures also fell due to the storm compared to yesterday. Today, the daytime temperature in the west of the mountains went down by 5 ° to 10 °. The cool breeze helped bring the mountains and desert back to seasonality. Vista also set a new record for the lowest day on this day.

The height of the day will remain calm till the middle of the week with another slip in the temples for the mountains and desert.

In the last three days:

The low pressure system will start exiting from Friday through Friday. This will allow the temperature to climb slowly as a ridge of high pressure, which will return to Southern California.

High pressure will strengthen this weekend as the tempo reheats. On the next Tuesday for the coasts and valleys, the day temperature will be 10 ° to 15 ° above average on Sunday and Monday, with slight freezing. On the other hand, mountains and deserts will keep the heat for an extra day.

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