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Vladimir Putin accused of faking visit to military hospital

Russian President Vladimir Putin might have staged a current visit to a military hospital in Moscow to meet with wounded troopers, in accordance to eagle-eyed on-line customers who claimed to have acknowledged one of the “patients” from a earlier occasion.

Wearing a white lab coat, Putin was seen on video and in nonetheless images speaking to pajama-clad troopers at Mandryk military hospital, which marked his first such visit for the reason that outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin was accompanied on the visit by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He requested one of the troopers standing at consideration subsequent to their beds about his child son, telling him: “He will be proud of his dad.” 

After the hospital visit, Putin hailed the troops as “heroes” throughout a televised meeting with authorities officers.

But a day later, Adam Rang, a self-described “counter-propaganda” activist dwelling in Estonia, tweeted that one of the soldiers in the hospital looked eerily familiar.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Wearing a white lab coat, Putin was seen on video and in nonetheless images speaking to pajama-clad troopers at Mandryk military hospital.
During his visit to the Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant Vladimir Putin talked to workers.
During his visit to the Chelyabinsk compressor plant, Vladimir Putin talked to staff.

“Putin met with a wounded solider who, by a strange coincidence, was also a factory worker he previously met,” Rang acknowledged.

Rang shared a photograph of the purported soldier within the hospital room, and one other picture allegedly displaying the identical man with a receding hairline and a particular widow’s peak in a crowd of folks meeting with Putin on one other event.

Rang and Ukrainian race car driver Igor Shushko additionally shared a compilation of images displaying a cast of recurring characters meeting with Putin years aside.

“In case you were wondering how #Putin can possibly risk being in the presence of regular #RussianPeople. He never does,” Shushko tweeted.

The allegation that the hospital photograph op was a faux was additional bolstered by the mysterious author behind the General SVR Telegram channel, who is claimed to be a former KGB spy with Kremlin ties.

In a Thursday publish, the Telegram writer argued that Putin didn’t visit the military hospital, and that video of his meeting with Russia’s wounded warriors had been pre-recorded, or “canned.”

“Putin and the FPS (Federal Protective Service) are certainly magicians-illusionists, but they are still a far cry from David Copperfield,” the publish sarcastically concluded.

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