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What parents need to know about traumatic brain injuries

SAN ANTONIO – We’ve heard of some individuals affected by traumatic brain injuries, however what does that basically imply?

A traumatic brain harm, or TBI, can have wide-ranging bodily and psychological results.

Dr. Caitlyn Mooney, a sports activities medication specialist at UT Health San Antonio, joined main SA on Sunday to talk about what native households and parents ought to concentrate on.

As many as 3.8 million concussions happen every year and nearly half of the concussions that happen go undetected and are untreated.

Concussions are frequent and may occur by merely enjoying sports activities. Dr. Mooney is working to assist native parents navigate the concussion protocol and what parents ought to know.

“A traumatic brain injury occurs when you either hit your head or your body is involved in a trauma and your head has either a direct impact or kind of moves around in your skull and has an injury,” Dr. Mooney stated.

Not all concussions or TBIs are the identical.


“So injuries range from mild, where you have a like a skull fracture or bleed to severe, where the person might be even unconscious and have an ambulance arrive. So of course, the ones that would be going undetected would be more on the mild range. The people who are at risk for traumatic brain injuries tend to be the people who are more risk takers, so young adults. Children are very at risk for traumatic brain injuries are very active. And then, you know, anyone doing, you know, sometimes accidental activities or motor vehicle accidents can also have a traumatic brain injury. But definitely the younger age groups tend to be more at risk. And then also, older age groups are more at risk for falls, so they can also suffer quite a large percentage of the traumatic brain injuries,” Dr. Mooney stated.

Dr. Mooney stated sports activities are one of many main causes of TBIs, with soccer being the best threat and for females, it may be soccer.


“Sport and recreational activities are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries, as well as car crashes,” Dr. Mooney stated.

There are necessary signs you need to concentrate on.

“There could be confusion or they’re just not acting like themselves. Other concerning things could be nausea, vomiting they can have. Vision change could be double vision, really sensitive to light. Even problems in school or balance problems can be a symptom of a concussion. So it’s quite a wide range and no concussion is really exactly the same. But those are some of the most common symptoms,” Dr. Mooney stated.

You can watch the complete interview with Dr. Mooney within the video participant above.

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