Pope Francis kisses number tattooed on the arm of Auschwitz prisoner, 80

Dr. Josef Mengele, an SS doctor from 1943 to 1945, was often called the ‘Angel of Death’ for overseeing grotesque experiments at the Auschwitz loss of life camp in Poland

Immaculately dressed, it was Josef Mengele who greeted doomed arrivals at the Nazi loss of life camp, Auschwitz, in occupied Poland.

With a flick of his gloved palms, the supreme arbiter of life and loss of life would consign terrified prisoners both to work or to loss of life in the gasoline chambers.

But many have been condemned to an altogether extra diabolical destiny; they grew to become guinea pigs upon his working desk as he pursued his berserk quest to clone blue-eyed Aryan supermen. Most of his victims died in horrible ache with out anaesthetic.

Captivated by oddities, victims of Mengele’s medical experiments have been chosen based mostly on totally different eye colours, progress anomalies reminiscent of a clubfoot or a hunchback, giantism or dwarfism, twins and gypsies. 

A selection ‘specimen’ he despatched to his lab for research was the head of a 12-year-old boy he was going to dissect.

Twins held a selected fascination for him and it is estimated that he examined round 3,000 – however solely 100 pairs survived. 

Mengele as soon as impregnated one twin with the sperm from a distinct twin to see if she would produce twins.

When there was just one child, one survivor claimed he tore the child out of the mom’s uterus and threw the youngster into an oven and walked away.

Mengele had a doctorate in drugs from Frankfurt University, however used his data in a sickening method at the Auschwitz focus camp, the place he carried out experiments as an SS doctor from 1943 to 1945.

The so-called Angel of Death was on the Allied commanders' most-wanted list from 1944, but he escaped to South America and was never found

The so-called Angel of Death was on the Allied commanders’ most-wanted checklist from 1944, however he escaped to South America and was by no means discovered

Although prisoners transferred to his wing to be studied escaped the gasoline chambers and have been properly fed, they typically in the end met an much more painful loss of life.

Mengele often carried out surgical procedure with out anaesthetic and would receive our bodies to work on just by injecting chloroform into inmates’ hearts whereas they slept, which might kill them in seconds.

He was most all in favour of heredity and as soon as tried to vary the color of youngsters’s eyes by injecting chemical substances straight into them.

Pregnant girls have been additionally singled out. He was recognized to have carried out vivisections on them earlier than consigning them to the loss of life chambers.

Prisoners affected by schizophrenia and despair have been subjected to electroconvulsive remedy (ECT).

The objective was to deal with incapacitated prisoners in order that they may return to the work pressure.

Most of the experiments have been unsuccessful and led to the loss of life of the prisoners.

The so-called Angel of Death was on the Allied commanders’ most-wanted checklist from 1944, however he escaped to South America and was by no means discovered, regardless of the finest efforts of non-public investigators and the Israeli secret service, Mossad.

He died in 1979 after struggling a stroke whereas swimming and 13 years later, DNA exams proved his id past doubt. 

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